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Maileg - Dancing Cat & Mouse In Shoebox

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5, 6, 7, 8! Your Maileg friend can dance with you in ballet class and help you prepare for performances! This cute set comes with three cushions, two gold hangers, a box with a mirror, bar, and bench, and a cat and mouse. The cat and mouse wear their tutus and are ready to perform. Get ready for the big opening night with your new Maileg friends! Both friends have magnets in their hands so they can pose on the bar in the Shoebox and in the Ballet School. 

There are subtle difference between the two options. 

The 'original' has a bigger skirt with polka dots and 2018 version has a shorter, simpler shirt and a headband. 

Measures 11" X 4.5" X 3"

Cat measures: 9"

mouse measures:5"

Maileg - Dancing Cat & Mouse In Shoebox
Maileg - Dancing Cat & Mouse In Shoebox